Canberra Short Term Accommodation partners with Orange Sky laundry and attended their 1 year anniversary

Did you know that every night in Australia, 1 in 200 people are homeless? Canberra has one of the highest with 50 people to every 10, 000 (Learn More).
These sad statistics have encouraged us to become involved in this most important charity.

Orange Sky Laundry helps to provide our friends on the street with clean clothes and great positive and non-judgemental conversation. Today we were invited to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Orange Sky Laundry in Canberra.

We feel privileged to be the permanent home for the vehicle, whilst it is not in use, as with no parking allowance it became quite difficult to find a space at the end of day for this admirable team. All of us at Canberra Short Term and Holiday Accommodation believe it to be a Corporate responsibility to contribute in this small way. We encourage fellow Canberrans and Australians to lend a helping hand.

It takes about $600 dollars a week to wash for our homeless; our people; our neighbours. You may not have the time to volunteer but if you wish to contribute to this worthwhile cause you may donate on their website.DONOTE NOW


Imagine if everyone contributed just $10 to this cause it would assist this most needed charity to operate more fruitfully.




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