Cartier: The Exhibition (30 March – 22 July) is destined to be the most glamourous and most talked about exhibition of the year.  The launch of the exhibition had included a touch of tinseltown with A -class celebrity Naomi Watts attending the launch. When asked why Cartier stands apart from other iconic jewellery houses, Naomi said that it was the “brand’s ability to adapt over time has been one of its greatest strengths.” She wore a Cartier bracelet, earrings and watch for the occasion, but said she’d be “scared to own” most of the collection on display. “It’s a brand that’s been going for more than 150 years so it’s classic, and strong,” said Watts. “It’s changed over time but there are always strong bold pieces, like the modern Jaguar collection,” she explained.

Image: Naomi Watts at the Cartier Exhibition Launch at the NGA © Cartier

The exhibition is designed to allow viewers to step into the world of Maison Cartier and its clients and discover the age of glamour and icons of style through the National Gallery of Australia’s (NGA) program of talks, tours, events and beautifully curated, fully illustrated catalogue. Three years in the making, Cartier: the Exhibition includes 300 pieces worn by royalty, aristocrats, global socialites and movie stars.

Such pieces include both Maria Felix’s matching crocodile brooches that can be worn as a necklace, or even, used as table ornaments, and Princess Margaret’s diamond-covered rose brooch that she wore to Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953 were on display. They make up a small portion of the collection, other impressive pieces include Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton’s ‘halo tiara’ that she wore on her wedding day. A similar one was on display at the preview.

Image: Cartier Paris Crocodile necklace 1975, Cartier Collection © Cartier


Image: Cartier Paris Brooch (detail) 1907, platinum, diamonds, 3.8 x 3.8 cm, Photo: Vincent Wulveryck, Cartier Collection, © Cartier

Image: Installation view of Elizabeth Taylor’s Cartier collection, Cartier Collection, © Cartier

The exhibition is really one of a kind because it shows all the different periods to the post-modern, and even contemporary. Cartier: The Exhibition is certainly one of the most significant collections of jewellery to ever visit Australia. An exhibition not to be missed! Make sure you book your accommodation with Canbhol as our Griffith location is only a 12 minute drive from this glamourous exhibition.

Cartier: The Exhibition opens at the National Gallery of Australia on March 30 and runs until July 22.


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