Children playing in the Kanga Cup in 2017

Kanga Cup 2017. Photo Credit: and Kanga Cup

The Kanga Cup kicks of again in 2018 in Canberra again

The Kanga Cup:

The largest International Youth Football Tournament in the Southern Hemisphere kicks of again in Canberra from July 8-13. The event runs for a week and champions the mission of uniting the youth of the world through football. The Kanga Cup is run by Capital Football, the governing body for football in Canberra.

Kanga origins:

The Kanga cup had humble beginnings starting in 1991 in Sydney. It was not until 1993 that it was to be held in the heart of the nation. The inaugural Kanga Cup had just 35 teams participate; In 2017 saw over 370 teams take part, seeing 5500 participants from Australia and overseas meet in Canberra for a week of football, culture, fun and friendship like no other.

Many countries such as the United States of America, England, Malaysia,  Philippines, India, Denmark, Italy, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, East Timor, Fiji and New Zealand to name a few.

Sanctioned by Football Federation Australia and the Asian Football Federation, the annual tournament attracts youth teams from all over the globe for a week full of competition, fun and many events relating to football.

Celebration of Football:

The Kanga cup has become Australia’s premier football festival and holds a special place within the football family. An annual calendar highlight for youth footballers of Australia and the world.

The Kanga Cup is an unrivaled week of football and fun and boasts a great social program including a massive Opening Ceremony, and a variety of optional events for teams to participate in throughout the week!

This year is predicted to be even more impressive. For full details of the festival, including the opening and closing ceremony details, plus events throughout the week, visit

A round soccerball with black and white hexagons

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