If you ever visit the South Side of Canberra be sure to visit the Old Bus Depot markets. It all started with an idea to create a weekly market in the heart of the nation. The idea came from two women Diane Hinds and Morna Whiting. The pair found the perfect setting a large industrial space in an old bus depot on Wentworth Avenue, Kingston and in 1992 the Old Bus Depot Markets was born.

Today, all lovers of  fine hand-crafted wares, clothing collectors, food fanatics and jewellery junkies are of many people who head to Canberra’s award winning Old Bus Depot Markets every Sunday.  This is not your average market, each week you will find over 200 stalls of exceptional quality, featuring items all hand-crafted by local and regional creatives to even antique items. You will experience the endless colour, tastes, sounds and the atmosphere that is “Canberra’s Sunday Best.”

The best part is that it is only a two minute drive away from Canbhol.

Old Bus Depot Market located in south side lots of people and very atmospheric


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