Rome City & Empire is the latest exhibition at NMA

The newest exhibition at the National Museum of Australia  boasts some terrific public programs. Rome: City and Empire is a must visit exhibition and includes two roman mosquitos to help guide children around the eternal city.

This exhibition consists of 260 artefacts from as early as the 9th century BC. The exhibition comes from the British Museum and is the third show collaboration with them. This is the  largest display of Roman objects to have ever come to Australia and is  divided into five parts – The Rise of Rome, Military Might, The Eternal City, Peoples of the Empire and In memoriam.

Rome continues to resonate today through our forms of government, law, architecture, language, engineering and religion.  It is no surprise that there is still a fascination with how the Roman society had formed. Rome certainly was not built in a day and the beauty of this exhibition is that it shows how the city grew from a cluster of small villages through to a centre of an empire.

This is exhibition is strongly recommended by The Canbhol Team.


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