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Nowadays everybody knows social media is everything.

You can see what others are doing, where they are, or what they did if you have to.

Social media dominates everyday life and influences all of us.

During this socially distanced era, where more people are stuck at home, everyone is more digitally connected than ever.

Now you can know “In real-time” about your family, friends and also work.


At Canbhol we want you to be connected with them and be able to communicate at all the time.

That’s why at Canbhol Accommodation we provided one of the best internet connections and WIFI network in every unit.

  • Free unlimited Wi-Fi available.

We want to support this enormous network by engaging our guests to follow us on our social media and use #hashtags while you are staying with us.

If you take a picture to tell your friends how you are or where you are, now you can use our # hashtag CANBHOL or if you upload a picture for your social media you can tag us.

We will be more than grateful and we will compensate you the next time that you book with us!


INSTAGRAM: canbhol

FACEBOOK: Canberra Short Term and Holiday Accommodation

TWITTER: @canbhol


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