The Legend Of The Kingo

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The Kingston Hotel, or “The Kingo” as the locals call it is one of Canberra’s original watering holes and has become one of the Canberra’s most popular pubs. It has been the scene of political coups, espionage and the early deal makings that shaped the heart of the nation. Most recently, there has even been a push for the iconic pub to land a spot on the ACT heritage list.

President of the Canberra and District Historical Society Nick Swain said the hotel was associated with notable incidents in 20th century espionage, including the Petrov affair and the “faceless men” incident. The 36 faceless men saga saw the Labor Party’s then leadership team of Arthur Calwell and Gough Whitlam photographed standing outside The Kingston Hotel in the dark of night waiting for members of the party’s national executive meeting inside to instruct them on American plans to build a base in Western Australia.

The Kingo, understandably has become a cultural Canberra icon. There is a hardcore following as it has continued as the more traditional style of an Aussie pub rather than choosing to evolve into the more contemporary hipster bar; Attracting crowds from all walks of life. In the early years of Canberra’s history it was illegal to buy alcohol between 1911-1928 and Canberrans used to travel over the border to Queanbeyan to get their stash. The Kingston Hotel was one of the first pubs to open after the law was abolished and has been serving the community for over 80 years.

Located five minutes from the Canberra CBD and Two minutes from Canbhol this pub takes a unique approach to the Canberra social landscape. The Kingo offers the iconic pub experience with boutique beers on tap, live sport and well-priced food options. There is no shortage when choosing a meal with two dining bistros and a “Cook Your Own” feature in The Steakhouse. Making this a must visit pub! Book your accommodation with Canbhol now!

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