Truffle Time

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Its Truffle time in Canberra again. Truffles do not look like much yet these are the most prized gems of the food world. Every winter Canberra celebrates the seasonality of this special ingredient through the Truffle Festival (June to August).

Truffles have a long cultural significance throughout various parts of the world. In Ancient Egypt they were eaten after being covered in goose fat. The Greeks credited them with supernatural powers of healing. And the medieval church went so far as to outlaw truffles, crediting their pungent aroma to the devil’s work.

Truffles belong to the fungus family. They are a truly wild food, found in the roots of trees – their cultivation can be encouraged through the scattering of spores and the planting of certain trees, but not controlled. Truffles come in both white and black, with the even rarer white truffles reaching a higher price.

Truffles & Australia:

Australia’s movement into truffles has created a second truffle season internationally, a move which has been appreciated by gourmands worldwide. Australian truffle farmers or growers have planted oak and hazelnut trees to encourage truffles to grow and taken tips from the developed European truffle culture.

The Truffle Festival – Canberra Region was the brainchild of Wayne Haslam (Blue Frog Truffles) and Fred Harden (ThinkTag Creative Services).

Created in 2009, the Festival was originally named the Capital Country Truffle Festival. The aim of the Festival was (and remains) to create a market for local growers; to educate the local chefs and the public about how truffle (particularly locally grown Périgord truffles) can be cooked and enjoyed.

From humble beginnings the Festival has grown to an annual celebration of not just truffle, but of the Canberra region in winter, and the delicious food and wine experiences that are the perfect cold-weather indulgence.

Now in its 10th year, the Festival is managed by the Capital Country Truffle Festival Association; a group of dedicated volunteers, who go above and beyond to keep this magical festival alive each year.

From truffle brie and truffle pizza, to truffle crème brulée and even truffle beer, there are so many ways to enjoy this unique and versatile ingredient. Surprise your tastebuds and get ready to expand your culinary horizons at the Canberra Truffle Festival. Canberra’s top restaurants, cafes, bars and wineries know a thing or two about truffle, so book your truffle experience today.

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